Academic regulations

The academic regulations of the IQS-Blanquerna Undergraduate Program in Pharmacy contain information relating to:

  1. Full and part-time studies
  2. Compulsory attendance
  3. First year. Continuation and access to 2nd year
  4. Ordinary dates for studies from 2nd year onwards. Progress of studies
  5. Extraordinary dates from 2nd year onwards
  6. Credit compensation
  7. Special courses: supervised internships, distinction internships and final degree project
  8. Incompatibilities
  9. Changes to enrolment and lists of courses
  10. Students enrolled for exams (ordinary and extraordinary exam dates)
  11. Exam regulations
  12. Exams correction, grades, review and appeal
  13. Justified absence from exams
  14. Exam clashes
  15. Withdrawals
  16. Course clashes