Steps for the Admission and Enrolment Process

To apply for one of our undergraduate programs, we need a series of documents in order to assess your admission. i

  1. Online pre-registration

The online application process starts on 24th November 2021.

As indicated in the instructions, the system will give you a user name and you will have to create a password. It is necessary to remember your user name and password as they will be needed to continue the process.

Documentation to upload:
– Transcript of records from the first year of Baccalaureate (“Bachillerato”) and the available records from the second year.
– If you are not following a Spanish High School course, certification from the course you are following.
– High School Certificate and PAU University Entrance Test certificates if you have them already.

You will have to select one of the dates to take the admissions test when you process your application.

You will have to pay a €125 enrolment processing fee during the application process, which you will be able to confirm by credit card. This will be returned to you should you not be admitted. If you encounter any difficulties uploading the documents, please contact the IQS office at:

When you have completed your application you will be able to print the receipt which will include your personal details and the date you have selected to take the admissions test.

  1. Admissions test

The admissions test involves a psycho-technical test and it includes written exercises for assessing the English level. The tests takes approximately three hours.

 It is compulsory to bring your identity card or your passport to the admissions test.

  1. Confirmation of admission

The Admissions Committee will evaluate your application on the basis of the studies you have completed, your grades and your performance in the admissions test. You will be informed by the IQS General Secretariat of your admission process within 15 days after you took the admission test.

If you are admitted, you will then have to comply with all the necessary conditions to enrol on the course.

  1. Place reservation

If you want to reserve your place in order to ensure access to your chosen course.
If you are admitted, you will have to make a payment on the pre-enrolment platform to reserve your place. This will be the 50% of the enrolment cost. Follow the instructions indicated by the system. Click on the link you used for the pre-registration application and go to the “place reservation” option. The place reservation is not an extra cost; it is deducted from the total amount of enrolment.

Once the place reservation payment is done, you will receive by email the day and time assigned during July to formalize the enrolment in person at IQS.

The place reservation fee will only be returned if the student does not meet the IQS course entrance requirements.

  • Enrolment

The enrolment period for students who meet all requirements is  from 28th June of 2022. The enrolment has to be done in person and by the student or, exceptionally, by a direct family member.

Necessary documentation for enrolment
– Document that certifies the pathway to access the University.
– Document that certifies some special needs of the student or elite athlete.
– If you chose the direct debit payment option, you will be asked to submit the original document of the Direct debit mandate form named “SEPA” filled out and signed by the bank account holder. You will find this “SEPA” document in the admission and enrolment process section of the IQS website.

You will not be able to enrol if you do not bring all the documentation requested.

In the case of not being able to attend the assigned enrolment day, we will be grateful if you could contact the IQS General Secretariat at Tel. (34) 93 267 20 01.


For further information on the Undergraduate Program in Pharmacy
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For any questions relating to admissions and enrolment procedures
General Secretariat IQS
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