Academic excellence grants


This scholarship is awarded to new incoming students with the best academic records, up to a maximum amount equivalent to 30 credits. Students with the best academic records will be awarded the scholarship, starting from 8.5 points and above out of 10, which is the weighted mark between the Baccalaureate and the mandatory PAU exams (University Access Exams). Three scholarships are reserved for the best international baccalaureate records.

Terms and conditions to apply

To apply for an IQS Academic Excellence Degree Scholar-ship, you must send the following documentation by email to the IQS General Secretariat prior to the deadlines:

  1. Fully completed scholarship application form. You can download the form here.
  2. Complete academic certification of the grades earned in your Baccalaureate or equivalent studies.
  3. Certificate of your PAU results or UNED (National Distance Education University) accreditation. South American or non-EHEA students must submit their academic transcript and the curriculum from their programme. The University Access Exam (PAU) score with the university access grade must be sent as soon as it is published.

    In addition to the documentation indicated in items “a”, “b”, and “c” in the previous section, students who wish to apply for the Academic Excellence Scholarship financed by the IQS BUSINESS FOUNDATION must also submit:


  4. Complete, fully legible photocopy of your family’s tax return from the preceding financial year on which the bank or electronic filing code is present. For individual tax returns, you must submit a copy of your mother and father’s returns or a certificate stating there was no obligation to file a return.
  5. Photocopy of both your mother and your father’s last payslip or a photocopy of the last invoice payment received for self-employed individuals.

Scholarships financed by the IQS Business Foundation cover 50% of the tuition fee.

Deadlines to submit the documents

29 June
Decision dates: 9 July

13 July
Decision dates: 23 July


Academic Secretary
Via Augusta, 390. 08017 Barcelona
93 267 20 01