Academic excellence grants


The IQS Centre d’Ensenyament Tècnic Superior Fundació Privada and the Fundació Blanquerna are non-profit organizations. They have limited funds to provide financial assistance to first-time Pharmacy Program students, what helps them cover part of the course fees. Students who receive the assistance may renew it each year provided they meet the established criteria. The assistance is provided by means of a discount to students’ monthly payments from the beginning of the academic year (October). The assistance does not cover the initial enrolment fee.

Program grants:
  • For academic excellence. These grants are for first-time students and covers the 50% of the enrolment fee (up to a maximum of 30 credits), based exclusively on the excellence of their academic record: 8.5 in the entry grade, which is the weighted grade made up of grades obtained at high school and those in the obligatory PAU/EBAU/EvAU university entry tests (the grade in the above-mentioned tests will be taken into account if there’s a tie).
  • Financial assistance. For students in economic need. Based on family income. See document explaining FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE.

Students may only benefit from one of these types of grant.

Applications for Academic Excellence Grants

1. The grant covers enrolment costs for five academic years. Applications for the Academic Excellence Grant must be made before starting the Program.
2. To continue receiving the grant, students must achieve an average grade of at least 8.0, weighted for the number of credits. Exams may not be repeated. Should students not achieve this grade, they will only be awarded the grant for the credits for which they have achieved at least 8.0.
3. Grants will be decided by the IQS-Blanquerna Pharmacy Program Grant Committee. Both the documentation received and the discussions and decisions of this committee are entirely confidential.
4. An email containing the decision of the committee will be sent to those receiving a grant. The email will be the included in the application form.
5. In order to apply for an Academic Excellence Grant, you must have been admitted to the university and you must submit the following documentation to the IQS Pharmacy Program academic office (Via Augusta, 390 – 08017 Barcelona) as soon as possible and by 26th June 2019 at 17.00 at the latest.

a. Grant application duly completed. The application can be obtained from either the Blanquerna or the IQS academic office or it can be downloaded at

b. Complete academic record of grades obtained at High School or equivalent.

c. Certificate of results of PAU/EBAU/EvAU or UNED accreditation. For Ibero-American students or those outside the European Higher Education Area, the academic record and the syllabus covered is necessary. The PAU/EBAU/EvAU grades and the university entrance grade must be submitted via email or in person to the IQS academic office ( before 12:00 2nd July 2019.

6. In order to start their course and to resolve any issues associated with the academic excellence grant, students must have paid the place reservation fee.

Renewal of grant

The Academic Excellence Grant is automatically renewed if the requirements indicated in section 2 of this document are met.


An email containing the decision of the committee will be sent to those receiving a grant by 10th July 2018 or 26th July 2019 (second call). The email will be the included in the application form.

Other assistance

  • Students and their families may apply for a bank loan with preferential conditions for the total or partial enrolment fee from several banks (CaixaBank, Sabadell and Santander). Loan conditions can be found on the Undergraduate Program in Pharmacy website at

It is not possible to be granted both an Academic Excellence Grant and Financial Assistance

For more information, please write to the Undergraduate Program Pharmacy Academic Office (IQS, Via Augusta, 390)