Pathways to access

Student profile

The ideal student is interested in biology, chemistry, anatomy, physiology, physics, IT and technology. The students have to be motivated to heal people, have an interest in experimentation and a considerable intellectual curiosity. They also wish to acquire a solid foundation in drugs in all their stages, from the creation until the effects produced in the organism.

Pathways to access

The Ramon Llull Undergraduate Program in Pharmacy is delivered by the Blanquerna School of Social Sciences and the IQS School of Engineering. To be admitted it is necessary to comply with the procedures described in Article 3 of the Royal Decree 1982/2008 of 24 November and updated by the Order EDU/1434/2009 which regulates entry requirements for university degrees, without prejudice to other means of access stipulated by current regulations and with particular attention to diversity and to candidates with special educational needs.


To be admitted to the Ramon Llull University Undergraduate Program in Pharmacy it is necessary to comply with the following requirements:

  • Have passed the PAU university access tests. Preferably sciences and technology, including various options, each of which has its own features. Some possible combinations:
    • Sciences: maths, physics, chemistry, biology, earth sciences and environment, etc.
    • Health sciences: biology, chemistry, mathematics, earth sciences and environment, etc.
    • Science and technology: maths, physics, industrial technology, technical drawing, electrical engineering.
Pathways to access

The pathways to access are as follows:

  • Students examined at a Catalan university
    Students who have taken exams at any Catalan university must complete the form with their results in the PAU university entrance tests. The form can be downloaded from ACCESNET.
  • Students examined at a university in the rest of Spain or by UNED:
    Students who have taken exams at a university in another part of Spain or through UNED (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia), or who are enrolled at another university must submit a photocopy of their results in the PAU/EBAU/EVAU tests and the receipt of the request to transfer their records.
  • Students from educational systems belonging to other EU countries:
    Students from educational systems belonging to other EU countries, whether they have studied in Spain or not, or with whom there is an educational agreement (including the International Baccalaureate) must submit the original or a notarised copy of the application for the accreditation permitting access to a Spanish university issued by UNED.
  • Students from educational systems in non-EU countries:
    Students from educational systems in non-EU countries that do not have an educational agreement must submit the receipt or the decision on their application for approval of their university entrance qualification.
  • Students from Grau Superior courses:
    Prospective students from a Grau Superior course must submit their grade average certificate (scale of 0-10).
  • Students with another university qualification:
    Prospective students who have completed another course of university study must submit a notarised copy of the university certificate or the receipt for fees for the Official Academic Certificate including grade average (scale of 0-10).

Credits recognition for students coming from a higher vocational training cycles and university studies:
Students who have studied courses which may not be recognised (since they come from other universities, whether the degree has been completed or not, or from a higher vocational training must submit the following documentation to the IQS Office:

1. Applications for recognition of credits from Permanent Committee of the Academic Board, which can be obtained from the IQS Academic Office.

2. Official Academic Certificate, original or notarised photocopy.

3. The Curriculum of the passed subjects with the academic secretary’s stamp from the university of origin. Students who come from Higher Vocational Training will only have to submit corresponding certificate of studies delivered when completing the training that gives access to the University.

Students in this situation must present a copy of their application for recognition on the day they enrol.

  • Students with special needs
    Students with special needs must present a copy of the card, document or certificate which certificates their degree of need.
  • Students who are high performance and elite athletes:
    Elite and high performance athletes must submit a certificate from the sports federation which provides proof of their status. A copy of the BOE that accredits their status as elite athlete.

Rules for continuation

1st year students: In order to continue stodying the same undergraduate program at the University Ramon Llull, students must have passed a minimum of 20% of credits they enrolled for in the 1st Year. Students who do not pass this percentage of credits may request the opportunity (once only) to enrol for the 2nd year course via a special application to the academic secretary of the Undergraduate Program in Pharmacy.

Withdrawal from Pharmacy Program: In order to withdraw from the Program, it is necessary to make the appropriate application to its academic secretary and make an appointment with the secretary.

Students who have withdrawn from the course and wish to return:

  • If there is a record of the credits passed in the academic transcript, students may make an application to the academic secretary to be readmitted in the Undergraduate Program in Pharmacy.
  • If the academic record contains no record of credits passed, it will be necessary to follow the standard pre-enrolment process.