Objectives and competences

Academic objectives

  • Trained experts in all areas related to drugs and medicines.
  • Qualify students to  join the healthcare system and contribute to its excellence with their humanist, care-oriented and pharmaco-therapeutic knowledge.
  • Provide students with technical, leadership and management skills in order to qualify them  to join the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, veterinary or food industries.
  • Provide students with advanced knowledge of highly specialized scientific research.
  • Motivate professionals and enable them to study independently, trained in the culture of excellence, they will learn to be good communicators and to apply their skills in complex working environments.

Competences to be acquired

  • Acquire and understand the specific knowledge set by law for students of pharmacy and the most recent knowledge in their field of study.
  • Apply the knowledge acquired to their work, in a professional, reasoned manner and in a way which enables them to resolve problems in their area of study.
  • Use and interpret the relevant data in order to make analytical judgementson the relevant topics of a social, scientific and ethical nature.
  • Transmit information, ideas, problems and solution to both specialist and non-specialist groups.
  • Develop study habits necessary to undertake further studies needing a high degree of autonomy.
  • Communicate in spoken and written English .
  • Acquire the  IT skills needed to manage the main IT tools used in healthcare sciences.
  • Incorporate a holistic vision of human beings, always taking into account all their dimensions (physiological, human, social, psychological and transcendent).

Accreditation of knowledge of a third language

Undergraduate Program students must accredit their skills in a third language in order to be awarded their degree at the end of their course.