Ramon Llull University is the only one offering four concentrations: Food and nutrition, Pharmaceutical care, Design and Production of Medication, and Pharmaceutical management and marketing.

Food and Nutrition Speciality
Subjects Credits
Nutrition and metabolism 6
Nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics 6
Food safety, Hygiene and Quality 6
Nutraceuticals and food complements 6
Speciality-oriented practice 12
Pharmaceutical care speciality
Subjects Credits
Organisation of community pharmacy services 6
Pharmaceutical care for chronic illnesses 6
Quality and safety when using medication 6
Evidence-based pharmacy 6
Speciality-focused practice 12
Design and Production of Medication Speciality
Subjects Credits
Molecular design 6
Advanced synthesis 6
Process chemistry 6
Integrated laboratory 6
Speciality-focused practice 12
Pharmaceutical management and Marketing Speciality
Subjects Credits
Technical management in the pharmaceutical industry 6
Logistics and processes in the pharmaceutical industry 6
Pharmaceutical marketing 6
Economic and financial analysis in pharmaceutical industries 6
PSpeciality-focused practice 12